Latest Restaurant Rating Weekly Report

Establishment Name Street Address City Inspection Date Inspection Score Smoke Free Gold Star Details
Bayou La Batre Community Center12745 Padgett Switch RoadIrvington, AL 3654409/09/201997YesNoGo
Bebos Express #66357 Old Shell RoadMobile, AL 3660809/11/201995NoNoGo
Burger King #38187775 Moffett RoadSemmes, AL 3661809/09/201991NoNoGo
Burns Middle School Cafeteria6175 Girby RoadMobile, AL 3669309/11/201995YesNoGo
Candlewood Suites-Cupboard121 North Royal StreetMobile, AL 3660209/09/201998YesNoGo
Cash Saver #11-Deli4055 Cottage Hill RoadMobile, AL 3669309/11/201994NoNoGo
Cash Saver #11-Market4055 Cottage Hill RoadMobile, AL 3669309/11/201988NoNoGo
Cash Saver #16 - Deli13298 North Wintzell AvenueBayou La Batre, AL 3650909/10/201992YesNoGo
Cash Saver #16 - Market13298 North Wintzell AvenueBayou La Batre, AL 3650909/10/201992YesNoGo
Chicken Salad Chick5753 Old Shell RoadMobile, AL 3660809/10/201995NoNoGo
Church's Chicken #16697751 Moffett RoadSemmes, AL 3661809/07/201990YesNoGo
Dinner's Ready918 B Bienville BoulevardDauphin Island, AL 3652809/12/201999NoNoGo
Dodge Elementary School Cafeteria2615 Longleaf DriveMobile, AL 3669309/10/201996YesNoGo
Dollar General #485947 Saraland Boulevard SouthSaraland, AL 3657109/10/201996YesNoGo
Dollar Tree #2919410 Bel Air MallMobile, AL 3660609/11/201996YesNoGo
ERC-Evonik4201 Evonik RoadTheodore, AL 3658209/12/201996NoNoGo
Fresh Seafood Market (Kitchen)10 Saraland BoulevardSaraland, AL 3657109/12/201991NoNoGo
Godfather's Pizza5015 Moffett RoadMobile, AL 3661809/11/201988YesNoGo
Hardee's of Saraland #13961022 Highway 43 SouthSaraland, AL 3657109/10/201992YesNoGo
Hart's Fried Chicken #42951 Springhill AvenueMobile, AL 3660709/09/201993YesNoGo
Hibachi Express5753 Old Shell RoadMobile, AL 3660809/10/201994NoNoGo
Homewood Suites530 Providence Park Drive EastMobile, AL 3669509/10/201994NoNoGo
Hooter's3869 Airport BoulevardMobile, AL 3660809/11/201988YesNoGo
Island Chevron & Grill1000 Bienville BoulevardDauphin Island, AL 3652809/12/201995NoNoGo
Island Rainbow1614 Bienville BoulevardDauphin Island, AL 3652809/12/201996NoNoGo
Jameson Suites70 Springdale BoulevardMobile, AL 3660609/12/201998NoNoGo
King Chef2510 McVay DriveMobile, AL 3660509/09/201990NoNoGo
Lighthouse Academy1903 Bearford RoadWhistler, AL 3661209/10/201995NoNoGo
Love's Seafood2959 Springhill AvenueMobile, AL 3660709/09/201990YesNoGo
Mama's on Dauphin220 Dauphin StreetMobile, AL 3660209/11/201993YesNoGo
McDonalds #162007749 Moffett RoadMobile, AL 3661809/09/201994YesNoGo
McDonald's #2324367 Azalea RoadMobile, AL 3660809/10/201991NoNoGo
McDonalds #23255003 Moffett RoadMobile, AL 3661809/10/201993YesNoGo
McDonald's #80571024 Highway 43 SouthSaraland, AL 3657109/10/201990YesNoGo
Meadowlake Elementary School Cafeteria8251 Three Notch RoadMobile, AL 3661909/11/201995YesNoGo
Ming's929 Highway 43 SouthSaraland, AL 3657109/12/201990NoNoGo
My Six/Big White Wings #000155405 Wilson AvenuePrichard, AL 3661009/10/201990NoNoGo
Olive Garden Restaurant #10553701 Airport BoulevardMobile, AL 3660809/10/201992YesNoGo
Osman's2579 Halls Mill RoadMobile, AL 3660909/10/201997YesNoGo
Pirate's Bar & Grill100 Orleans AvenueDauphin Island, AL 3652809/12/201995NoNoGo
Pizza Hut #20947745-A Moffett RoadMobile, AL 3661809/07/201990YesNoGo
Roshell's Cafe and Deli2906 Springhill AvenueMobile, AL 3660709/10/201978NoNoGo
Sage Avenue Chevron139 South Sage AvenueMobile, AL 3660609/12/201994NoNoGo
Springhill Seafood2709 Springhill Avenue Suite AMobile, AL 3660709/09/201989YesNoGo
Springhill Seafood (Kitchen)2709 Springhill Avenue Suite AMobile, AL 3660709/09/201989YesNoGo
Subway3361 Cottage Hill Road, Suite LMobile, AL 3660609/09/201994NoNoGo
Troubadours Country Saloon7790 Tanner Road, Suite BMobile, AL 3660809/10/201990NoNoGo
WaiWai Poke Bar and Café6808 Airport Boulevard, Suite CMobile, AL 3660809/10/201993NoNoGo
Wal-Mart Supercenter Market #46576350 Cottage Hill RoadMobile, AL 3660909/09/201995YesNoGo
Wendy's #3365623 Moffett RoadMobile, AL 3661809/10/201993NoNoGo
Winn Dixie #590 - Bakery6300-I Grelot RoadMobile, AL 3660909/09/201996YesNoGo
Winn Dixie #590 - Deli6300-I Grelot RoadMobile, AL 3660909/09/201993YesNoGo
Winn Dixie #590 - Market6300-I Grelot RoadMobile, AL 3660909/09/201995YesNoGo
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