Latest Restaurant Rating Weekly Report

Establishment Name Street Address City Inspection Date Inspection Score Smoke Free Gold Star Details
American Legion Post #761918 Duval StreetMobile, AL 3660508/11/201786YesNoGo
Asian Grocery6715 Old Shell Road Suite AMobile, AL 3660808/14/201795YesNoGo
Bar B Q Stop The5701 Moffett Road Suite AMobile, AL 3661808/11/201792NoNoGo
Bayou Pizza13020 North Wintzell AvenueBayou LaBatre, AL 3650908/16/201799NoNoGo
Captain D's1281 Hillcrest RoadMobile, AL 3660908/15/201796NoNoGo
Checker's #62902300 Saint Stephens RoadMobile, AL 3661708/11/201789YesNoGo
Chef King Restaurant7820 Moffett Road Suite BSemmes, AL 3657508/15/201790YesNoGo
Chef King Restaurant5628 Old Shell RoadMobile, AL 3660808/16/201790YesNoGo
Church's Chicken #3191250 Michigan AvenueMobile, AL 3660508/14/201792YesNoGo
Church's Chicken #3272325 Saint Stephens RoadMobile, AL 3661708/11/201795YesNoGo
Clark Oil #21420 Water StreetMobile, AL 3660208/16/201792NoNoGo
Corner Store The3606 Lott RoadEight Mile, AL 3661308/16/201794NoNoGo
CVS Pharmacy #48763445 Saint Stephens RoadPrichard, AL 3661208/11/201798YesNoGo
Domino's Pizza #58002949 Saint Stephens RoadPrichard, AL 3661008/11/201796YesNoGo
Dudley's Lounge2671 Government BoulevardMobile, AL 3660608/11/201792YesNoGo
Family Dollar Store #206734700 Saint Stephens RoadPrichard, AL 3661008/16/201797YesNoGo
Family Dollar Store #230165753 Moffett RoadMobile, AL 3661808/11/201797YesNoGo
Ferdinand's Place1803 Bear Fork RoadEight Mile, AL 3661308/11/201790YesNoGo
Genny's Academy Daycare and Learning Center (Kit)341 East Petain StreetPrichard, AL 3661008/11/201798NoNoGo
Hungry Howie's6353 Cottage Hill RoadMobile, AL 3660908/15/201794YesNoGo
Irvington Food Mart9436 Irvington Bayou LaBatre HighwayIrvington, AL 3654408/16/201791NoNoGo
Kentucky Fried Chicken #4072351 Saint Stephens RoadMobile, AL 3661708/11/201794YesNoGo
Lad & Dad Deli3319 Demetropolis RoadMobile, AL 3669308/15/201796YesNoGo
Lad & Dad Steak & Seafood Market3319 Demetropolis RoadMobile, AL 3669308/15/201796YesNoGo
Martin Luther King-MIK Seafood2154 Dr Martin Luther King Avenue Suite BMobile, AL 3661708/16/201798YesNoGo
Martin Luther King-MLK Kitchen2154 Dr Martin Luther King Avenue Suite BMobile, AL 3661008/16/201797YesNoGo
McDonald's #053832963 Saint Stephens RoadWhistler, AL 3661208/14/201787NoNoGo
Michigan Café2154 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Avenue Suite DMobile, AL 3661708/16/201794YesNoGo
Nays Convenience Store1657 Jessie StreetMobile, AL 3661708/15/201791NoNoGo
Papa John's Pizza #3845212-C Cottage Hill RoadMobile, AL 3660908/15/201794YesNoGo
Pure Word Child Care Kitchen2530 Shelton Beach RoadEight Mile, AL 3661308/16/201794YesNoGo
Quick Pick2311 Saint Stephens RoadMobile, AL 3661008/11/201794YesNoGo
Rite Aid #71264739 Saint Stephens RoadPrichard, AL 36613-351208/16/201799YesNoGo
Sabor A Mexico6800 Airport BoulevardMobile, AL 3661808/11/201792NoNoGo
Snow Zone5212 Cottage Hill Road Suite DMobile, AL 3660908/15/201792NoNoGo
Stray Cats Tavern2818 Government BoulevardMobile, AL 3660608/11/201791YesNoGo
Subway #59375701 Moffett Road, Suite QMobile, AL 3661808/11/201797NoNoGo
Subway /Clark Oil #21420 Water StreetMobile, AL 3660208/16/201792YesNoGo
Subway Sandwiches #129426305-A Cottage Hill RoadMobile, AL 3660908/15/201795YesNoGo
Toulminville-Warren Daycare/Kindergarten Kitchen2271 Saint Stephens RoadMobile, AL 3661708/11/201796YesNoGo
University Oaks650 University DriveMobile, AL 3660908/15/201795YesNoGo
West Mobile Football2275 Leroy Stevens RoadMobile, AL 3669508/11/201796NoNoGo
Word of Faith Child Development Center-Kitchen1017 Telegraph RoadPrichard, AL 3661008/11/201798YesNoGo
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