Fundraising events

Fundraising events is a public event that encourages people to participate in order to raise money for a specific cause or organization. These events are considered charitable, non-profit and 100% of the proceeds raised/collected are donated to the specific cause or organization. If donations are collected for the items or goods sold, a price cannot be set. A donation is something that is given to a charity in order to help a person or organization, which a price is not set.

The following information should serve as guidelines for charitable, non-profit organizations in the sale of foods to the public through occasional bake sales or prepared meals. All inquiries related to your organization’s sale of food items as fundraisers should be directed to the Department of Food and Lodging, (251) 690-8116.

Cottage Food Production Operations:
SB159 was signed into law by Governor Robert Bentley, March 2014 and became effective on June 1, 2014. The bill allows individuals to sale non-potentially hazardous baked goods such as cakes, breads, cookies, or canned jam and jellies, or dried herb or herb mix or candy from his/her private-home kitchen referred to as “cottage food operations”.

All cottage food operators will have to meet specified requirements pursuant to the Alabama State Department of Public Health and Safety Code related to preparing foods that are on the approved food list, completing a food processor training course, establishing compliant labels, and operating within established gross annual sales limits.

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