Hotel/Motel/Lodging Worker Program

The Inspection Services Department is also responsible for inspecting the sanitary conditions of establishments that offer for rent over-night sleeping accommodations. Each of these facilities must obtain a Hotel/Motel Permit from the Health Department each year. Hotels and motels are scored on a 100 point grading scale. The current Hotel/Motel permit and inspection sheet must be in public view.

If you are interested in the score received by a hotel or motel, please call our office at (251) 690-8116.

MCHD offers Public Health Lodging Worker Training - The goal of the training is to assist the industry workers with an understanding of the rules and standards outlined in the Hotel Regulations and to provide the basic knowledge and awareness of various public health and sanitation issues. For more information, please contact Inspection Services at (251) 690-8116.

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