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The Mobile County Health Department is currently soliciting sealed bids for re-roofing Mobile County Health Department Building #6 Keeler Compound located at 251 N Bayou Street Mobile, Alabama 36603. The sealed bid Project Number is #2019-03. Contractors eligible to bid must not be on the U.S. General Services Administration lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement or Non-Procurement Programs. Bids will be submitted for furnishing all labor and materials and performing all work. The Contract will be awarded to the Contractor with the lowest responsible bid for the completed construction for the project.   

A Bid Bond or certified check equal to five percent (5%) of the base bid payable to the Mobile County Health Department must accompany each bid. A Performance Bond will be required as follows: 100% of the contract amount. The Performance Bond must be payable to the Mobile County Health Department. Labor and Materials bond required as follows: 100% of the contract amount. No bid will be considered unless the bidder, whether resident or non-resident of Alabama, is properly qualified to submit a proposal for this construction. Contractors must have insurance coverage of no less than $1,000,000. Submit the Insurer's Power of Attorney for the representing Agent. The requirements shall include, among other qualifications, evidence of holding a current Contractor's license from the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors, Montgomery, Alabama. All required documentation must be attached to the bid and enclosed within the sealed envelope to be presented prior to bid opening.

Contractor must initiate the project within 10 days of the bid award. No adjustments to the contract time will be made for a delayed start. Liquidated damages will apply for failure to complete the project on time. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of forty-five (45) days following the bid opening unless approved by the Mobile County Health Department.

There will be a pre-bid meeting on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Library, room 349, 3rd floor of the Keeler Memorial Building, 251 North Bayou Street, Mobile, AL in order to obtain field measurements.

Sealed Bids must be submitted to David McGill, Manager, Purchasing & Contractual Services, Mobile County Health Department, The Keeler Building, 251 N Bayou Street, Room 107, Mobile, AL 36603, no later than 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 17, 2019. Sealed bids will be publicly opened and read Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. in the Library, Room 349.  Allow time for delivery and receipt prior to the bid date and time.

Each bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope on the official bid form, along with the State of Alabama Disclosure Statement, W-9 form, Beason-Hammond Affidavit, Certificate of Insurance and other required information. The front of the sealed envelope shall be clearly marked with Sealed Bid #2019-03, Mobile County Health Department Re-Roof Project.

Questions may be directed to Mr. Christopher Thomas, Project Manager at (251) 690-8985 or
The Mobile County Health Department reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any formalities in the bidding, and to be the final authority in any conflict.

The bidding process will follow the laws and regulations as defined by the State of Alabama in the Code of Alabama (1975), Title 39, Public Works Law.




The Mobile County Health Department sells used equipment that is no longer needed and declared excess through an on-line auction site at:

This is a government auction website and you MUST be registered on the website in order to make a bid on any items, however you may view items up for auction without registering. The website will contain detailed information including description and photos.

You do not have to register to view items that MCHD has at auction, however, you must register before you can place a bid.

Please note that MCHD does not always have something on Please feel free to check the site at a later date.

Click here to go to the current Mobile County Health Department items on MCHD surplus items on

For any additional information call 251-690-8800.

All items up for auction by The Mobile County Health Department are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. No refunds or exchanges. The Mobile County Health Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids.




If you would like to be notified of bid announcements, please send an email to David McGill with the subject "Bid Announcements", and list the category/categories your company is licensed to perform.

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