The Mobile Medical Reserve Corps (MMRC)


The mission of the Mobile Medical Reserve Corps is to provide readily trained and credentialed medical and non-medical volunteers to support public health during times of emergency need, improving the health, safety and resiliency of Mobile County.


The purpose of the Mobile Medical Reserve Corps is to provide medical and public health volunteers to assist Mobile County in two key areas: emergency preparedness and response, and preventive health services.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

The MMRC will supplement the existing public health infrastructure in Mobile County to enhance community emergency preparedness and response to all hazard events, such as fire, flood, hurricane, chemical release, disease outbreak and/or other events that threaten the publics’ health.

Preventive Health Services

The MMRC will provide community outreach to enhance the health, safety and resiliency of Mobile through supplemental emergency preparedness training, health education and preventive health services such as first aid stations, health assessments, vaccination clinics and other areas of need to the citizens of Mobile County.

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