Mosquito Control Adulticiding Program

The Mobile County Health Department provides a comprehensive program which includes mosquito surveillance, disease surveillance, public health education, larviciding (larvae control), and adulticiding (adult mosquito control) to track, monitor and control mosquitoes and assess the potential for mosquito-borne diseases.


When environmental conditions are favorable and when mosquitoes are most active the Mobile County Health Department utilizes an airplane and agency trucks equipped with ultra-low volume (ULV) spray machines that dispense very fine aerosol droplets to kill adult mosquitoes on contact. Our agency calibrates all spraying equipment annually and as needed throughout the season, to ensure the proper flow rate and droplet size. Ground spray units are equipped with speed compensated metering devices to allow accurate dispensing of insecticides at vehicle speeds up to twenty (20) mph.

All insecticides used in our Adulticiding program are labeled for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Community Spraying

At the beginning of the season, a news release is sent out to inform the community that routine seasonal spraying will take place. All of Mobile County (every municipality and each unincorporated area) are included in the routes based on trap data, inspection reports, disease surveillance data, service requests and populations of citizens being affected.

Notification of Spray or No-Spray Requests

Individuals can call Mosquito Control (251-690-8124) to be added to the "Bee and Allergy List" to prompt a call prior to spraying activity in their immediate area or to express any reservation related to possible adulticide applications in their immediate area.

Precautions to Reduce Exposure to Insecticides

Vehicle operators will attempt to limit exposure to insecticides by discontinuing spray operations in the immediate vicinity of pedestrians. As with all insecticides, you should take care to reduce or eliminate any exposure that is not absolutely necessary.

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