Restaurant and Food Establishment Program

The Inspection Services Department has 14 Environmental Health Specialists who perform restaurant and food establishment inspections on a routine basis to protect consumers from unsanitary conditions and to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Each food service establishment must obtain a Food Permit from the Health Department each year. Any establishment, permanent or temporary, that offers for sale, to the public, any unpackaged food product or potentially hazardous packaged product must have a current permit. This permit must be displayed in public view.

The Inspection Services Department Environmentalists use an inspection sheet based on the one used by the Alabama Department of Public Health to score restaurants using a 100 point grading scale. Critical items are four and five point violations that require immediate correction. A "Notice of Violation" is issued for these items until all problems are resolved. One and two point violations must be corrected before the next inspection date. The inspection sheet must be current and displayed in public view.

Score details:

  • 85 and above is a passing score.
  • 70-84 requires re-inspection within 30 days.
  • 60-69 requires re-inspection within 48 hours.
  • 59 or below requires immediate closure.

Restaurant inspection scores are published on the MCHD website every week.

If you are interested in the score received by a restaurant not listed, please call our office at (251) 690-8116.

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