Inspections Services Complaints

A food industry or lodging industry-related complaint may be submitted by calling 251.690.8116 or sending an email to


Rabies Control Complaints

The Mobile County Rabies Control Program is responsible for managing the animal bite investigation and quarantine program from Mobile County. The City and County Animal Control Offices are responsible for stray animal complaints.


Family Health Complaints

Use Family Health’s internal complaint process to address concerns that may arise.


Mosquito Control Complaints

A mosquito complaint may be submitted to our office by calling 251.690.8124 or by emailing


Rodent Control Complaints

A rodent complaint may be submitted to our office by calling 251.690.8819 or through email –


Visit our online complaint form.

Note: The complainant must provide his/her name, address and telephone number if submitting a complaint by email or over the telephone. Any information submitted through the complaint program is considered public information and any interested party may obtain a copy of the complaint through the Freedom of Information Act.