‘Energy Boosters’ is today’s theme during Mental Health Awareness Month

May 23, 2022

‘Energy Boosters’ is today’s theme during Mental Health Awareness Month

MOBILE, Ala. — The Mobile County Health Department’s Health Equity Office is recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month. This week’s article – submitted by Program Administrative Support Specialist Sherita Anderson – has a theme of “Energy Boosters.”

Everyone’s productivity goes up and down. But mental exhaustion can make it hard to concentrate. You might get distracted easily or start to miss deadlines. Even small tasks may seem overwhelming. Low mental energy can easily translate to a dop in physical energy.

We know that physical movement might not involve the same level of cognition as, say, preparing a report. Still, it requires brainpower. In honor of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, we need to address the causes of chronic fatigue and find ways to overcome them. Then, we will be able to boost energy and cognition, allowing us to meet our goals and excel in our endeavors.

Below is a list of three ways to boost your mental awareness when you are reaching an energy low and need a quick pick-me-up:
• Take a Walk Around the Office — Going to a walk around the office every two hours or so can be beneficial for your health and can boost energy levels.
• Eat Every Few Hours (Healthy Snacks Every 2-3 Hours) — Goods with a low glycemic index such as apples, whole wheat crackers, and nuts are best for sustaining concentration levels.
• Re-Center Your Mind — Find a quiet place and do a 5- to 10-minute breathing meditation. Apps such as Calm and Headspace are great for short, convenient meditation.

Sometimes, symptoms of mental exhaustion can occur due to an underlying medical condition. A person should talk to a doctor if they are experiencing any of the following:
• Chronic chest pain and heart tremors that persist after receiving treatment for mental exhaustion
• Feeling severely depressed or anxious
• Feeling exhausted after starting to take a new medication

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