Family Health doctor draws praise 05.19.2023

May 19, 2023

Family Health doctor draws praise

MOBILE, Ala. — Prior to the current practice of medical professionals specializing in a particular field, it was common for a family medical provider to provide personal care for multiple generations of a family. This intimate knowledge would help the doctors identify and manage chronic health issues in older generations while working to prevent them in younger generations.

This style of personal care can still be found at Family Health, the primary care division of the Mobile County Health Department. Proudly stated on the Family Health logo is “Healthcare for all generations.”

A recent patient survey for Dr. Tonya Dobbs, a pediatrician at the Eight Mile Health Center, included the following statement from a patient:

“Dr. Dobbs was my doctor as a child and is now my children’s doctor. I love the Eight Mile Clinic.”

Dr. Dobbs, who has been on the Family Health staff since 2006, was thrilled with the review.

“It is a joy being a pediatrician,” Dr. Dobbs said. “I get to witness the growth and development of children through all ages and to be able to provide healthcare to multiple generations in a family is and honor that I truly cherish.”

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