Fatherhood Initiative takes part in Warrant Clinic 05-22-24

May 22, 2024

Fatherhood Initiative takes part in Warrant Clinic

MOBILE, Ala. — On Saturday, the Fatherhood Initiative was invited to be a part of the inaugural Warrant Clinic in Alabama. This was the result of a partnership/collaboration between the City of Mobile’s Legal Department and Municipal Court and the non-profit Growing Real Alternatives Everywhere (GRAE).

The clinic provided a non-intimidating pathway for citizens to address and resolve outstanding traffic violations, missed court dates, and other violent misdemeanors. More than 600 people registered, and no one was turned away during the time of clinic operation without being provided a pathway towards resolution.

While there, the Mobile County Health Department’s Fatherhood Initiative was able to share information about the mission of the program funded by the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama. The team provided hand-outs and brochures to more than 100 people that outlined objectives and resources available through the Mobile County Health Department to assist in building healthy families and stronger communities.

“We look forward to continued participation and partnerships that allow us to emphasize the importance of fathers in the lives of their children and utilizing resources meant to build healthy relationships and environments among families that allow children to thrive and grow,” said William Henderson, an outreach educator for the Fatherhood Initiative.