Leap & Learn cards provide parents access to resources for their children

September 28, 2022

Leap & Learn cards provide parents access to resources for their children

MOBILE, Ala. — Family Health’s Melissa Creighton was a graduate in the Leadership Mobile’s Class of 2022. She was part of the Education Team, along with The Rev. Dr. Debora Bishop, District Superintendent, The United Methodist Church; Carly Akers, Acquisitions Manager for the Mobile Public Library; and Marty Carrell, Chief Executive Officer for the Women’s Resource Center.

They developed the “Leap & Learn” program (#HarrisonProject). This is an acronym for “Learning Every Assistance Program & Learning Early About Resources and Networks.”

The goal of Leap & Learn is to educate parents and care providers on programs, resources, and networks available to ensure early intervention of children’s developmental concerns. This will give every child the opportunity to be ready for kindergarten.

Did you know:
• Early learning & care increase high school graduation rates by 14 percent
• When a child enters kindergarten ready for school, there is an 82 percent chance that the child will master basic skills by age 11

The program works with the United Way of Southwest Alabama’s 2-1-1 phone service. This connects residents with information about health and human services in eight local counties. It also provides access to program, resources, and networks that are available for early intervention for children.

With Leap & Learn, the 2-1-1 information is distributed to educators, caregivers, and medical professionals using a QR code on a resource card. The cards are available to parents who express developmental concerns about their child or when the educator/care giver/medical professional recognize concerns.

These cards were distributed through MCHD’s Family Health programs. Other partners include Franklin Primary Care, Victory Health Partners, Goodwill Easter Seals, Open Doors, daycares and early learning centers, schools, and emergency rooms.