MAWSS reports on discolored water

March 24, 2023

MAWSS reports on discolored water

MOBILE, Ala. — Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS) officials say they will continue to flush fire hydrants throughout the Spring Hill area to rid the lines of residual discolored water. MAWSS staff have been testing water samples and have confirmed the water is safe to drink.

If residents continue to see discolored water after running cold water for a few minutes, they should call the MAWSS 24-hour hotline at 251-694-3165 to report the problem. They will monitor the lines throughout the weekend to make sure the discolored water does not come back.

The discolored water was the result of the failure of a pump which forced air into a water line in the Spring Hill/McGregor Road area. MAWSS officials say the water is completely safe to drink. This issue is not related to construction in the area.

The problem is resolved but MAWSS staff are continuing to flush the lines.