MAWSS reports on Sanitary Sewer Overflows

March 16, 2022

MAWSS reports on Sanitary Sewer Overflows

MOBILE, Ala. — Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS) responded to two Sanitary Sewer Overflows in the Mobile area on March 15. These sewer overflows occurred because heavy rainfall had infiltrated the sewer lines.

MAWSS officials are addressing overflows with capital projects. Ongoing rainfall is causing the overflows to be intermittent. MAWSS is aware of the issue and will continue to monitor the overflows until all rainfall clears the area over the next several days

Below are the documented locations, accumulated totals as of now, and receiving waters:

Location; Estimated Gallons; Receiving Water
766 Johnston Ave.; 11,200; Eslava Creek
1050 Lubel Ave.; 180; Three Mile Creek

Dr. Kevin P. Michaels, Health Officer for Mobile County, advises area residents to take precautions when encountering any standing water that may have accumulated because of these overflows. Those who have come into direct contact with untreated sewage are advised to wash their hands and clothing thoroughly.

Area residents should take precautions when using Eslava Creek and Three Mile Creek for recreational purposes because of these overflows. All seafood harvested in this general area should be thoroughly cooked before eating. People should wash hands after cleaning seafood and before preparing food.