MCHD observes Social Work Month

March 20, 2023

MCHD observes Social Work Month

MOBILE, Ala. — Social Work Month is observed each March by the Mobile County Health Department and Family Health, its primary care division. The theme this year is “Social Work Breaks Barriers.”

Social workers are advocates to individuals, families, and communities who are unable to advocate for themselves. Social workers empower individuals to function on their own in society by starting where the client is and developing individualized case plans to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Not only do Social Workers provide linkage to care, but they also follow up to measure the client’s success and adjust where needed. Social workers are an important part of the Patient Centered Medical Home team and often provide the most important feedback to the team about the client.

Social workers wear many hats and provide many services that often go beyond their normal job duties. Social workers are multifaceted, meaning they also provide direct care as a therapist in a clinical setting. They can be found in different settings, such as your local health department, schools, hospitals, court, and shelters just to name a few.

Social workers are the voice for those who have no voice. Their roles are essential in improving the human well-being and helping individuals meet their basic needs. Empathy and compassion are key to a Social Worker’s success and professional fulfillment.

The profession of Social Work is a vital part of helping individuals reach their full potential and goals. So, the next time you see a Social Worker, give them a high five.

Reba Pendleton serves as Director of Social Services.

At MCHD in the Social Services Department, our social workers are Shakari Beechem, Tammy Bradberry, Paquita Carter, Helen Guthrie, Linda Kacar, Lori Stevens, and Shanika Welch. Working at the Women’s Center is Cortney Yohn. In our Ryan White Early Intervention Services Program, our social workers are Camie Barganier, Ashley Hines, and Velma Thomas.