MCHD smartphone app adds blood pressure tracker

February 4, 2022

MCHD smartphone app adds blood pressure tracker

MOBILE, Ala. — American Heart Month is being observed in February. Family Health, the primary care division of the Mobile County Health Department, is positioned to lead efforts to improve heart health and reduce disparities in COVID-19 outcomes among racial and ethnic minority communities by helping patients prevent heart disease.

An additional tool in the arsenal is the new smartphone app called “My MCHD Health Check.” This app will serve as a new way for the health department to connect with Mobile County residents and visitors, providing information quickly and efficiently to anyone with a smartphone.

One of the features is a “blood pressure tracker.” Download the app today and keep track of your blood pressure to live a healthier life. To find the tracker, first select “Healthy Living” on the home screen, go to “High Blood Pressure/Hypertension,” and then select “Blood Pressure Calculator.”

The Mobile County Health Department app is available for download for free in the App Store and Google Play. Search “My MCHD Health Check” or click the following link to download the app —

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