MCHD works with public over spraying for mosquitoes

June 6, 2022

MCHD works with public over spraying for mosquitoes

MOBILE, Alabama — The Mobile County Health Department (MCHD) has battled mosquitoes since opening its doors in 1816, and it still provides a comprehensive program through its Vector Services department.

The Mosquito Control division has many missions. These include treating breeding sites to control mosquitoes during the larvae stage, running night-time spray trucks across 50 routes in Mobile County, deploying traps to determine which mosquito species are present, employing an airplane to treat rural areas not easily accessible by trucks, and maintaining a sentinel chicken program that tracks mosquitoes that are actively transmitting pathogens.

Although the majority of the public welcomes these interventions, some have questions about the spraying of chemicals to control the mosquito populations. MCHD has a list of people who have told us they are allergic to the spray or from beekeepers concerned about their hives. While public health comes first, MCHD works with residents whenever it is possible.

To express any reservations or concerns related to possible adulticide application in the complainant immediate area you may contact Vector Services at 251-410-4375. If there are any other concerns, Vector Services can be contacted at 251-690-8124 or 251-690-8819.

Earlier this year, Vector Services implemented an online portal to help the public request assistance for mosquitoes or rodents and to receive feedback on their request. To learn more about the department, you may visit From there, you can find a link and a QR code to access the online portal for ordering services.