Message to the community from Dr. Michaels about the flu

December 7, 2022

Message to the community from Dr. Michaels about the flu

MOBILE, Ala. — Dr. Kevin Philip Michaels, Health Officer for Mobile County, wishes to share this message with the community during National Influenza Vaccination Week:

Virtually every winter, people get sick from viral infections. Some call it the “cold,” others are told more specifically Influenza, RSV, Human Rhinovirus/enterovirus, and even COVID.
These illnesses place a burden on the individual, family, and community. The individual is sick with a cough, sore throat, and fever. They just don’t feel well.

Family members are worried about the sick loved one and wait long times in doctors’ offices, urgent care clinics, and emergency rooms. They are told the obvious, “the patient is sick” or even worse they may need to be admitted to the hospital because of complications.

Children under age 5 and adults greater than 65 have increased chances of having complications. They could develop pneumonia, inflammation of the heart, brain, or muscles.

If the ill patient has other health conditions or underlying chronic diseases, they can also be hospitalized or die. Any one 6 months and up in age should be vaccinated with the annual flu shot. Most people describe some injection site pain otherwise it is a common yearly injection that people can get at their doctor’s office, pharmacy, or grocery store.

Everyone should receive the annual flu shot unless there is a known allergy to the vaccination. If in doubt, talk with your health care provider.

Also don’t forget to get updated on your COVID vaccinations. You can receive both the Flu and COVID-19 vaccination at the same time.

To make an appointment to receive a flu shot from Family Health, the Mobile County Health Department’s primary care division, please call 251-690-8889. To locate other vaccination sites, you may visit