Mobile County Board of Health elects officers for 2023

January 18, 2022

Mobile County Board of Health elects officers for 2023

MOBILE, Alabama — The Mobile County Board of Health elected its officers for 2023 during its monthly meeting this week, according to Dr. Kevin Philip Michaels, Health Officer for Mobile County.

Dr. Michael L. Sternberg will serve as Chairman of the Board of Health. Dr. Minh Pham, a new member, is taking on the role of Secretary.

Returning members include Dr. Desiree A. Soter-Pearsall, Dr. Michael L. Sternberg, Dr. Michael C. Chang, along with Mobile County Commission President Connie Hudson.

New members joining the Board with Dr. Pham are Dr. De’Arco R. McCreary and Dr. Danuel J. Laan.

Outgoing members of the Board include Dr. Michael W. Meshad, Dr. Stacey W. Wing, and Dr. Joseph Ewing Bornstein.

During the meeting, Dr. Michaels presented plaques in appreciation to Dr. Pearsall, Dr. Wing, Dr. Meshad, and Dr. Bornstein. Dr. Meshed served as Chairman of the Board in 2021. Dr. Pearsall served as Chairman in 2022, while Dr. Sternberg served as Secretary last year.

Pursuant to Title 22 Code of Alabama 1975, the Board of Health includes six physicians serving on the Medical Society of Mobile County’s Board of Censors and the current president of the Mobile County Commission. The Board of Health meets monthly to review Mobile County Health Department activities and to provide guidance to Alabama’s oldest public health agency.