Prichard reports on several Sanitary Sewer Overflows caused by heavy rains 3-11-24

March 11, 2024

Prichard reports on several Sanitary Sewer Overflows caused by heavy rains

MOBILE, Ala. — Prichard Water Works & Sewer Board has reported on Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) that began on March 9 and ended on March 10. Heavy rains are the cause of the SSO’s.

The nearest manhole locations, estimated overflow, and receiving waters are listed below:

LocationEstimated GallonsReceiving Water
2407 Whistler St.93,000Gumtree Branch
218 Patricia Ave.245,600Gumtree Branch
N. Bessemer Ct. & Whistler St.119,950Gumtree Branch
830 Strauss Ave.57,800Toulmins Spring Branch
First Ave. & Owens St.197,250Toulmins Spring Branch
798 W. Highland42,750Toulmins Spring Branch
Chin St. & Butts St.139,500Toulmins Spring Branch
198 Wood St.87,600Chickasaw Creek

Dr. Kevin Philip Michaels, Health Officer for Mobile County, advises area residents to take precautions when coming into contact with any standing water that may have accumulated as a result of these overflows. Those who have come into direct contact with untreated sewage are advised to wash their hands and clothing thoroughly.

Area residents should take precautions when using Gumtree Branch, Toulmins Spring Branch, and Chickasaw Creek for recreational purposes because of these overflows. All seafood harvested in this general area should be thoroughly cooked before eating. People should wash their hands after cleaning seafood and before preparing food.