Sanitary Sewer Overflows may occur during tropical weather

August 29, 2021

Sanitary Sewer Overflows may occur during tropical weather

MOBILE, Ala. — Increased rain waters, flood waters, and higher than normal tides will likely occur because of circumstances relating to Hurricane Ida. This could result in contaminants from various sources entering streams, creeks, rivers, and eventually bay waters. These waters may contain fecal contamination from Sanitary Sewer Overflows as well as other contaminates from a variety of sources.

Although skin contact with floodwaters does not, by itself, pose a serious health risk, there is some risk of disease from eating or drinking anything contaminated with floodwater. If an individual has open cuts or sores that will be exposed to flood water, keep them as clean as possible by washing well with soap to control infection. Whether there is a flood or not, anyone who gets a wound and has not had a tetanus shot within the past 10 years should get one. If a wound develops redness, swelling or drainage, seek immediate medical attention.

Dr. Bernard H. Eichold II, Health Officer for Mobile County, advises citizens to exercise caution when using local bodies of waters for recreational use. All seafood harvested in the Mobile County area should be thoroughly cooked before consumption. Individuals should wash hands after cleaning any fish or other seafood and also before preparing food.