Sanitary Sewer Overflows reported by MAWSS because of heavy rains

August 31, 2021

Sanitary Sewer Overflows reported by MAWSS because of heavy rains

MOBILE, Ala. — Mobile Area Water & Sewer System (MAWSS) responded to multiple Sanitary Sewer Overflows as a result of heavy rains and flooding caused by Hurricane Ida on August 29-30.

Some locations stopped, then restarted when the rain resumed. Below are the locations, estimated amounts, and receiving waters. A final update will be provided once the last overflow has stopped:

Location                                                                Estimated Gallons                          Receiving Water

2409 Octavia Dr. S.                                                    255                                                                  Dog River

120 Demouy Ave. @ Murray St.                             17,250                                                            Eslava Creek

202 Morgan Ave.                                                        24,250                                                            Eslava Creek

50 Westwood St. @ Homewood St.                        65,625                                                            Eslava Creek

175 Westwood St.                                                      9,450                                                               Eslava Creek

208 Westwood St.                                                      Ongoing                                                          Eslava Creek

1102 Gimon Cir. (2)                                                   18,750                                                            Eslava Creek

1114 Gimon Cir.                                                         3,825                                                               Eslava Creek

1301 Gulf Field Dr. W.                                              9,210                                                               Eslava Creek

1710 Gulf Field Dr. N.                                               9,210                                                               Eslava Creek

McVay Dr. @ Navco Rd.                                         67,950                                                            Eslava Creek

766 Johnston Ave.                                                      Ongoing                                                          Eslava Creek

16 Japonica Ave.                                                        3,120                                                               Eslava Creek

101 Mohawk St. @ Elizabeth St.                             4,900                                                               Eslava Creek

2301 Carrington Dr.                                                   1,300                                                               Halls Mill Creek

Airport Blvd. @ Easement (4)                                 Ongoing                                                          Halls Mill Creek

9240 Airport Blvd.                                                     6,750                                                               Halls Mill Creek

8748 Augusta Dr. W. (2)                                           6,060                                                               Halls Mill Creek

2270 Vulcan Ct.                                                          2,450                                                               Halls Mill Creek

3171 Baronne St.                                                        3,225                                                               Three Mile Creek

2102 Prichard Ave.                                                    1,800                                                               Three Mile Creek

Dr. Bernard H. Eichold II, Health Officer for the Mobile County Health Department, advises area residents to take precautions when encountering any standing water that may have accumulated because of these overflows. Those who have come into direct contact with untreated sewage are advised to wash their hands and clothing thoroughly.

Area residents should take precautions when using Dog River, Eslava Creek, Halls Mill Creek, and Three Mile Creek for recreational purposes because of these overflows. All seafood harvested in this general area should be thoroughly cooked before eating. People should wash hands after cleaning seafood and before preparing food.

In order to reduce the impact of heavy rains infiltrating our sewer lines, which limits the sewer system’s capacity to move wastewater flows to our treatment plants, MAWSS diverts wastewater to our large temporary storage facilities. The diversion of flows reduces wastewater volumes in the collection system and aids in maintaining conveyance capacity in the system. Below are Severe Weather Attenuation Tanks (SWAT) and volumes of wastewater diverted to each:

Three Mile SWAT (both tanks are full) – 20,000,000 gallons,

Eslava SWAT (tank is full) – 8,000,000 gallons,

Halls Mill SWAT – 5,378,700 gallons.

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