Tover transforms pediatric waiting room into the ‘Imaginarium Aquarium’ 05.14.24

May 14, 2024

Tover transforms pediatric waiting room into the ‘Imaginarium Aquarium’

MOBILE, Ala. — As part of its continued focus and investment in children and their care, Family Health – the primary care division of the Mobile County Health Department — decided to upgrade its pediatric waiting area at its downtown Mobile location. The immersive full-scale wall mural painting is designed to engage the eyes and minds of children.

The agency commissioned award-winning local artist Ty Tover, to paint the waiting area in such a way that it would both amaze and captivate children’s minds while they wait to see their physician.

Tover has affectionately dubbed the newly painted space the “Imaginarium Aquarium” because his massive and stylized fish come to life with bold colors and whimsical brush strokes.

“The ‘Imaginarium Aquarium’ is a mural to depict the same, but different, vibrant colors representing the vibrancy of the children and the families that we serve,” said Tover, who is also a peer counselor at MCHD. “We have both koi fish and goldfish swimming. Within the koi fish and goldfish, you find hidden images that the children will seek out. And all of the fish will glow under fluorescent lights.”

Additionally, the “Imaginarium Aquarium” will include surprises like hidden common shapes and characters that will be part of a “scavenger hunt” in which children can participate while they wait to see their doctor.

Cats, hearts, and other shapes are hidden amongst the fish. Children can use the scavenger hunt page that will be available in the pediatric waiting area to check off shapes and characters as they find each hidden surprise on the walls.

Activities such as scavenger hunts can help build children’s observational skills and teach collaboration and teamwork which enhance their language and communication skills, problem-solving skills, and social-emotional intelligence. Additionally, parents, guardians and caregivers can engage with their children as they participate in this activity to observe the growth and development of their children.

This project couples perfectly with Family Health’s participation in the Prescription for Play (P4P) Learning Collaborative which emphasizes the importance of well-child visits and supporting the achievement of developmental milestones in children. Family Health care teams have trained on the importance of play for children and ways for providers to encourage parents and caregivers to use play as a means of identifying potential developmental delays.

Since its inception in 1979, Family Health has provided high quality compassionate health services to the people of Mobile County. Call for an appointment at 251-690-8889.